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Enset Controller

Code/Ref: PCS-800000
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The EnSet Original Digital Hand Engraving and Stone Setting Tool allows you to  set stones in gold & silver, engrave in steel,platinum and other metals.

The secret of this hand engraving tool is in the electronic controls. Precisely control the speed and power of the graver with the large foot pedal. Variable speeds from 1 strike per second to 1500 strikes per minute let you reduce the speed for tight turns and speed up for major cuts or background removal. Adjust air pressure with the easy-to-read gauge. Greater control and more powerful strikes allow you to make fewer mistakes and save valuable time. Set precious stones safely with the clean single strike action of this jewellery tool to create beads in one consistent stroke.

Included with each system:


EnSet Digital Controller
Large foot pedal

Handpiece to order seperately.


Enset Controller Enset Controller Enset Controller